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Artist Statement

For me, photography is a means of sharing the way I view the world with others.  My goal is to enhance the beauty of the natural world via the lens of a camera.  Photography allows me to capture the most enchanting moments in our world and share them with people near and far.  It also helps me to think about how I can give back to the world and how I can work with others to create a more sustainable future. 

About the Artist

Boston based photographer, Maddy Noah, has been working to integrate her interests in photography with her academic work in environmental sciences and philosophy at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  An avid traveler, Maddy focuses her photography practice on capturing the raw beauty of nature and spreading awareness about environmental issues in the places she photographs.   


She was also a member of the International Center of Photography's Imagemakers program, where she honed her skills in narrative photography.  Maddy hopes to inspire others to travel and educate themselves about problems in different parts of the world.  

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