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Artist Statement

Look closely. What do you see? What do you feel? Can you capture that moment?


My photography aims to immerse the viewer in the world and encourage them to think more critically about their relationship with place, space, and time. Exploring the world via the lens of a camera, taking into consideration the philosophic context, the deep history, and the environmental factors of a place can open up new avenues of connection with the external world. I find inspiration from the most simple yet beautiful moments: looking up at an interesting tree, feeling sunlight pour across my face, and breathing in the crisp air. By breaking down the barrier between myself and my surroundings and immersing myself in the external world, I hope to inspire my audience to view their surroundings in a new light. 


My practice also explores photography as a means of distortion of reality, thereby questioning what it means for an image to be “real.” Both the tactility of the medium and its function as a displacement of a certain snapshot of a given location at a given time play into how I create my works. The contrast between what the eye sees and what the lens captures is unique to me when I construct an image. The eye sees a moment first, then the camera solidifies that moment in time for posterity. Immersing myself in this tension, understanding the possibilities and limitations of photography, is central to why I take photos.


Photography is a reflection of my own relationship with the world and a means by which I ground myself in reality. 

About the Artist

Boston based photographer, Maddy Noah, has been working to integrate her interests in photography with her academic work in environmental sciences and philosophy at Tufts University and the School of the Museum of Fine Arts.  An avid traveler, Maddy focuses her photography practice on capturing the raw beauty of nature and spreading awareness about environmental issues in the places she photographs.   


She was also a member of the International Center of Photography's Imagemakers program, where she honed her skills in narrative photography.  Maddy hopes to inspire others to think more critically about their connection with the external world.  

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